FS.AI DataOps RiskSite

Edge Computing and Cloud Based Centralized Control: data and AI-powered risk decisioning across the Integrated Risk Life-Cycle

To power continuous monitoring, assurance and resilience, accountable organizations need to be able to launch, learn, and navigate with ease, but separate solutions for Governance Risk & Control slow down and present executives with unharmonized data and unreliable calculations of current enterprise residual risk from which to inform their risk-decisioning process

Today, truly accountable FS Risk Organizations must expect their experiences to be seamless, giving them access to integrated risk management functions across all financial services operations to monitor and manage their inherent risks

To support this need to provide a resilient business strategy, financial services organizations need to combine data and decisioning into one cohesive solution that can provide the technology to access, analyze, and action data across a unified risk governance and data operations platform and continuously identify and test risks and their controls to manage action planning in one cohesive platform.

• Financial Services Firms are rapidly engaging in the Digital Transformation which is revolutionizing their industry while addressing the Emerging Operational Risks and the maturity of the capability of their organization and their workforce

• FS.AI believes we are undergoing a transition from inconsistent and inefficient processes and hyphenated and silo-ed workflows to consistent and optimized processes which can be hyper-automated for collaboration and continuous improvement with the help of AI and Data Governance, we know how to get this done.

• FS.AI has a simple mission, as a Financial Services Advisory, we are  changing the way we operate so that you can change the way you operate.